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Evenson, Carlin, & Weber, LLC, a law firm located in McDonald County, Missouri, strives to provide its clients with complete legal services. The firm handles a wide range of criminal and civil matters; practice areas include: criminal law, real estate law, estate planning, elder law, probate, and family law. The firm has tried many types of criminal cases, ranging from major felonies, such as homicides, to misdemeanors and traffic offenses. The firm has taken personal injury and product cases through trial and has received favorable verdicts for its clients. Additionally, the firm has handled business litigation involving millions of dollars. "We practice in various areas of the law in order to best serve our clients," said attorney William G. Weber. "Additionally, we take the time to develop professional relationships with our clients and understand their individual needs. By examining all of the details surrounding their individual cases, we are able to develop effective solutions."
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